March 8 2011.

Available now from VE (UK) are new products for the Yamaha T-Max 50, 2008 model onwards, covering bike protection and styling areas for the scooter.

With the T-Max being a heavy machine, protecting the bodywork and forks from damage during a tumble is of paramount importance to an owner. To this end VE (UK) can supply products that will not only enhance the look of the T-Max but also provide the required level of protection for the machine.

Protection for the front end of the machine is covered by two products, a front wheel spindle with built in crash bungs and handlebar end weights, both featured high quality nylon sliding surfaces to take the brunt of the force.  The footboard area of the T-Max gains protection during a fall from a set of alloy floor plates with high grip rubber inserts with nylon outriggers to protect the expensive bodywork. Moving to the rear of the machine, the rear axle spindle is also prone to damage in an incident, and an alloy bell shaped shroud is available to protect this vulnerable area. Also available for the rear of the machine is a trick custom fitted under tray with number plate holder featuring a bright three LED number plate light. 

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