March 17 2008.

Phoenix Distribution has introduced VentureShield Helmet Paint Protection System (HPPS) for motorcycle helmets.

This almost invisible, tough, protective film is easy to apply, prevents stone chips and other debris from damaging a helmet and can be removed easily - leaving no marks - should riders want to update their lid's paintwork in the future.

This protective coating has been extensively tested by major automotive manufacturers and can withstand 20lbs of impact pressure before any damage is sustained. It is 100% resistent to fading or yellowing and the product carries a lifetime guarantee. The VentureShiel film comes complete with an easy-to-use application kit, especially for all motorcycle helmet owners and the film is pre-cut into two shapes, which are applied to the areas at the forehead and chinbar on the helmet.

The application of VentureShiel will not alter the paintwork, or affect the safety features of your helmet in any way, it is perfectly safe to use.

As this product is helmet and model specific, it will be launched initially to fit the Arai RX7 Corsair, Arai Viper and Arai Astro. Additional models and helmet brands will be added as new templates are developed.

The VentureShield Helmet Paint Protection System, complete with application kit and solution costs just £24.99 and will be available from all UK Phoenix Distribution official dealers.

Contact Phoenix for further information on 01782 569800.