March 22 2011.

Motorcycle dealerships that have signed up to the Swinton Bikes Dealer Referral Scheme have been given another reason to refer their customers for a bike insurance quote. Swinton Bikes is now offering three months free bikers' breakdown cover to all bikers whether they take out a motorcycle policy or not.

This latest offer comes just in time for the start of the motorcycle sales season as the nights get lighter and bike insurance enquiries begin to soar. The three months free bikers' breakdown offer is available on both UK and European cover levels, meaning that any bikers looking to take their two wheels to mainland Europe can have cover in the event of a breakdown.

The popular Swinton Bikes referral scheme pays dealers £10 for every customer they refer for a motorcycle insurance quote, regardless of whether a policy is actually taken out. As well as giving customers their cheapest bike insurance quote, Swinton will now offer the three months free bikers' breakdown cover too.

Anthony Aronin, Head of Swinton Bikes said, "The referral scheme continues to be very successful for us and we had our best January on record with the dealer channel earlier this year. We hope that by offering three months free bike breakdown cover that those signed up to the scheme will refer even more of their customers to us"

The contact details for dealers is 0800 068 7988 or e-mail: