March 30 2011.

Harris Performance is expanding its classic machine production facility to keep up with the growing demand for the Harris frame options it offers for a wide range of 1980s air-cooled engines.

"We have an amazing level of interest in all models, with the race and street replicas of the 1980/81 twin shock Factory Suzuki XR69 Endurance racer currently the most popular," explains Steve Harris.

"We have also taken orders from customers wanting to build twin shock and mono-shock Full-Floater versions of the F1 machines, as well as Magnum road and race machines for the air-cooled GS1000 and GSX1000/1100 motors and machines using Z1000, Z1000J, H1R, H2R, KR750, CBR900, TZ250/350 and Ducati TT2 motors.

"Customers have caught on to the fact that they can custom build a four-cylinder classic Japanese machine for considerably less than the cost of rebuilding a classic single cylinder machine like a G50 or Manx Norton. So customers can specify what components they want on their machines and we can advise what the technical and cost options might be.

"Basically, we walk each customer though the various specifications and options, so their finished project is a machine of a certain era that looks right, will work right and falls within budget."

For further information contact Harris Performance on 01992 532501 or visit www.harris-performance.com