April 13 2011.

R&G Racing has released a full range of products for the new Honda CBR600F and Hornet 600.

The British firm was immediately aware that both these bikes would be extremely popular with both new and experienced riders and has worked fast to bring out a broad spread of defensive bolt-ons that are extremely easy to fit and do not require specialist tools, draining the bike's oil or replacing any gaskets.

R&G's signature Aero Crash Protectors are fitted to the main engine mounts of both bikes and are designed to keep as much of the bike off the ground in the event of a fall.

The teardrop-shaped protectors are made from high-density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is developed to wear and not shatter. R&G also utilises a particular grade of steel bolts to help absorb an impact by bending, rather than snap or twist its mounting point on the bike.

For the retuned CBR600RR engine used in both bikes, R&G offers two lines of resistance; hard-wearing Engine Case Covers (£66.99-£76.99) bolt neatly on top of the standard cases to provide a 'second skin'. The alternative to these are Engine Case Sliders (£34.99-£39.99) - made from a similar material to the Aero Crash Protectors, these heavy duty protectors attach to the bottom of the existing cases without adversely affecting ground clearance.

As well as crashes, stones and debris causing expensive damage to a bike is another common occurrence. To help combat this at the front of the bike, R&G offers an aluminium Radiator Guard (£61.99) and Downpipe Grille (CBR600F only - £69.99). Defending the rear from attack is the easy-fit "Shocktube" (£25.49) that encloses the rear suspension to protect it from corrosion and damage and the option of a bolt-on Hugger (£149.99).

Other defence products offered across both bikes are the discreet Exhaust Protector (£44.99) and Bar End Sliders (£25.99) that protrude an inch further than the standard ends to help protect the levers and expensive tank from making contact with the ground. Fork Protectors (£30.99) slot easily through the front spindle to guard the brake calipers and fork legs.

The Offset Cotton Reels (£54.99) are held in place by the rear spindle and replace the standard chain adjusters in order to mount discreet protectors that defend the swingarm and rear brake. The cotton reels also have a secondary benefit in allowing the use of a prong-type rear paddock stand.

On a styling front, the Tail Tidy (£79.99), crafted from aluminium and coated black, replaces the standard number plate hanger and light to completely transform the rear of the bike for a much sharper look.

R&G Racing is the only crash protection provider to be recognised for discounts by insurance companies and for more information on its products visit www.rg-racing.com

R&G Racing 2011 Honda CBR600F & Hornet 600 range:
Bar End Sliders: £25.99
Cotton Reels (offset mounted): £54.99
Crash Protectors (Aero style): £63.49 Hornet, £67.99 CBR600F
Downpipe Grille (CBR600F only): £69.99
Engine Case Covers: £66.99 (left), £76.99 (right)
Engine Case Sliders: £34.99 (left), £39.99 (right)
Exhaust Protector: £44.99
Fork Protectors: £30.99
Hugger: £149.99
Radiator Guard: £61.99
Shocktube: £25.49
Tail Tidy: £79.99