April 18 2011.

Feridax has announced the UK availability of the new Caberg Ego helmet, offering unique ventilation features, a stylish lightweight design and real affordability.

With summer on the way, and an already unusually hot April, the unique CASC venting system makes the Caberg Ego a perfect choice, but keeping a cool head is only one of numerous reasons why this helmet might be almost impossible to resist.

Take a look at some of the reasons to choose a Caberg Ego helmet:

- The CASC venting system essentially offers the world's first motorcycle helmet 'sunroof'. Also, the CASC slider is waterproof when it's closed. Any water that might sneak in is funneled out the back of the helmet in special channels designed for that purpose.

- Peel back that 'sunroof' and reveal two large vertical vents that allow cool air to flow down across your head through controlled circulation, with minimal noise.

- An internal sun visor rotates down out of the line-of-sight, and the operating lever is handily positioned just off the left-hand side of the face shield.

- Exceptional liner comfort and padding which is removable and offers well-controlled noise levels.
- Available in a choice of solid colours and a variety of graphics, meaning there's a Caberg Ego for every taste.

- Total peace of mind with a Caberg 12 month warranty.

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The Feridax View:
"The Caberg Ego really is a helmet that ticks every box, from the cool styling and renowned build quality to its numerous features and genuine affordability," commented Mark Ingleby, marketing manager of Feridax. "With summer on the way, what really sets the Caberg Ego apart from every other helmet on the market is the unique ventilation system which offers the rare comfort of cooling airflow that makes riding on a hot day even more enjoyable."

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High level build quality and affordability: SRP from £149.99