March 27 2006

DELL'ORTO has developed a racing carburettor for 50cc autos that offers significant benefits both in terms of performance and ease of maintenance.
Based on the proven PHBG 21mm carburettor, this racing version is simple to fit to the current crop of top race bikes. Popular models from KTM, LEM, DB, FACTORY, POLINI & COBRA are equipped with 19mm rubber inlet items as standard.  The DELL'ORTO Racing carburettor will give a 16.6% increase in the choke tube at full RPM, boosting top end power noticeably.
Easily identifiable thanks to its black body and float chamber, the PHBG21 Racing carburettor has the added benefit that it is designed for quick & easy maintenance, which is particularly useful when time is tight between races. The alloy float bowl has a drain plug that can be removed in situ to drain the carburettor and the same is true for the screw-on flange type top. The bottom line is all routine carburettor maintenance can be carried out while still attached to the bike, saving time between races.
As with all carburettors supplied by Harglo, these will be pre-jetted to suit most applications.  If re-jetting is required, Harglo will exchange jets until the ideal one is found.
The DELL'ORTO PHBG21 Racing carburettor retails for £99.88 inc. VAT

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