March 18 2008.

NGK Spark Plugs, the world's largest manufacturer of Lambda sensors under the NTK brand name, has announced the introduction of the OZAS-S3 - a zirconia exhaust gas oxygen sensor for motorcycles - which it believes is the world's smallest oxygen sensor created in a spark plug-like form.

New emissions legislation will soon make it essential that European motorcycles will require an oxygen sensor. NGK has anticipated this need and - through its creative expertise and technological capability - has radically changed the sensor concept for motorcycles with the creation of the compact, space-saving OZAS-S3. This is the first sensor produced in a 'spark plug like' design and shape.

Designed initially for scooters and mopeds - and already in commercial mass production for fitment as OE to scooters sold by Honda Motor Co Ltd in Europe, North America, China, Thailand and Japan - NGK's OZAS-S3 has already been selected by Honda Motor Co Ltd for its 'Development Award 2006'.

The OZAS-S3 is specifically designed to meet the demand from OE motorcycle manufacturers. Because this new sensor can resist high exhaust gas temperatures it can be installed closer to the engine and - as a result - reaches operating temperature much quicker and importantly, without the requirement for a separate heater. As the OZAS-S3 has no integral heater, it requires no additional power supply and this combined with its compact shape, allows simple installation for motorcycle engines.

Due to its innovative design the new sensor is as easy to install as a spark plug and is connected to the vehicle's harness by a simple and compact, push on cover again in the same way as a spark plug. The OZAS3 is suitable for both single and multiple cylinder engines.