May 5 2011.

Alarms, long periods of non use, and/or cold weather means maintaining a charged battery is a priority item for scooter and motorcycle owners alike. The range of "Battery Tenders" that VE (UK) stock provides the owner with a perfect solution for not only charging the battery but also to keep it in peak condition for when you need to use the vehicle. Both chargers are microprocessor controlled to allow a full 100% charge without overcharging and then switch into a "float charge" mode keeping it topped up, and they are both designed to be left switched on constantly without causing any damage to either the charger or the battery. The Battery Tender chargers complement our range of high quality batteries perfectly.

VT15100 Battery Tender 400
The 400 charger chargers 12 volt batteries at 400 mAH and utilises a 4 step fully automated charging method to ensure peak performance from your battery, and is supplied with both a crocodile clip lead set as well as a ring terminal set for permanent fixture to a machine. For those who like to travel to Europe as well as stay in the UK, the unit is supplied with both a UK plug and European plug for added usability. The charger is spark proof, short circuit protected, and has reverse polarity protection built in and is supplied with a generous 12ft output cord.

VT15101 Battery Tender 800
Featuring the same excellent specification as its smaller brother, the Battery Tender 800 provides a higher charging current of 800 mAH. The 800 charger is "fully waterproof" allowing it to sit outside in the damp and rain, whilst maintaining the machines battery.

Available Accessories
VT15105 25 foot extension cable
VT15104 Extra ring terminal lead set
VT15106 Extra crocodile clip lead set 

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