May 6 2011.

Feridax know that things can get dirty out there on the road, be it April showers or summer dust. That is where the complete range of top value Dirtwash products comes in:

- A great range of cleaning sprays, specialist brushes and full kits.

- The penetrating cleaning power of an acid cleaner - but 100% acid-free.

- Quick-acting and suitable for use on painted, plated, polished or clear-coated finishes.

No matter how dirty or muddy a bike gets, the wide range of Dirtwash products from Weldtite offers a cost-effective alternative and makes cleaning quick, easy and satisfyingly polished.

- New for 2011 - 500ml Dirtwash Silicone Bike Polish.  High quality silicone/wax blend, formulated to clean quickly and provide a high gloss finish SRP £5.99

- 1ltr Dirtwash Bike Cleaner Spray - The ultimate, race mechanic approved, total bike cleaner - SRP £7.99

- Dirtwash Bike 3 Clean Brush Set - High quality, tough construction, with solvent resistant nylon brushes - SRP £10.99

- Dirtwash Citrus De-greaser - Effectively cleans and de-greases chains, gears and moving parts with a powerful spray action - SRP £8.99

- Dirtwash Citrus Hand Cleaner Tub - A powerful hand cleaner containing natural citrus extracts - SRP £7.99

- Dirtwash Cleaning Bucket Cleaning Kit - The ultimate bike cleaning and maintenance kit, containing wash, lubricants, brushes, sponges and more, in a handy carry-bucket - SRP £32.99

- Dirtwash Disc Brake Cleaner - A heavy duty cleaning spray for disc brake systems - SRP £4.99

All of the cleaning products in the Dirtwash range, clean with the easy, non-scrub power of an acid cleaner even though they are 100% acid-free, and certainly add a sparkling, polished sheen. They are also completely safe to use on all painted, plated, polished and clear-coated finishes, so you can clean up with total confidence after even the dirtiest of rides!

To learn more about Dirtwash and Weldtite visit: www.weldtite.co.uk/default.aspx  

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