March 20 2008.

There's still time to register at and download money saving vouchers to use for the whole family over the forthcoming Easter weekend.

It's FREE for Bike Tyrestore customers to register and traders have been earning points since the start of the year.

The minimum entry level is ten tyre units, which most BTS customers will already have achieved. After which point, everyone who works within the dealership can download vouchers at no cost, and there's no limit to the number used. The 'pot' of rewards never diminishes; it just keeps growing as more tyres are purchased.

"There is nothing complicated about this scheme, and there are no hidden catches," said Bike Tyrestore's MD Peter Smith. "What you see is what you get and it is simply a case of registering on the Moto-Vate website. Any, or every, member of the dealer team can sign on, free of charge."

Call Bike Tyrestore Customer Services on 0800 281 413 for further information.