May 19 2011.

Every mile of track or road impacts stress and wear on a motorcycle's suspension bearings, so it's important that they are maintained and replaced with high quality parts.

WMD is the exclusive UK supplier for the top quality range of Allballs on-road swingarm bearings from the USA.

When one bearing fails, loads are transferred to other bearings in the system and so when one bearing goes, others can suffer damage or deterioration and may also need replacing.
Also, as swingarm bearings are usually difficult to get to and replacing them can be labour intensive, it makes good sense to replace all the swingarm bearings at the same time.

For this reason the Allballs swingarm bearing kits come complete with all the bearings, shafts, seals and bushings required to do the whole job properly.

Allballs swingarm needle bearings are manufactured from heat treated, hardened and precision ground high carbon chromium steel with an ST13 steel shell. The bushings, for models that require them, are case hardened and plated to prevent wear and corrosion. On models with OE thrust needle bearings, Allballs provides Teflon bearings for increased
service life.

Price examples -RRP including VAT:
BMW R1200 GS: £19.92 (6 pcs)
Honda GL1100 Goldwing 80-86: £19.92 (6pcs)
Yamaha XS 650 75-81: £34.21 (9pcs)

WMD trade discounts apply:

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