May 24 2011.

Modern motorcycle brake systems contain a surprising amount of components. Pads, hoses and discs are the parts that immediately spring to mind, but think about those perishable rubber components like piston seals, shaft boots and bleed nipple covers. Then there are the pistons and levers and cleaning and brake fluids.

Original equipment parts can cost a small fortune, but trying to source all the parts can be a nightmare. Trade parts specialist WMD has been keeping bikes on the road and track since 1978 and offer a comprehensive range of brake parts and brake service kits for a wide range of road, off-road, racing, trail machines, commuters and scooters. The range includes individual parts, service kits, complete calipers, stainless steel replacement pistons and master cylinder repair kits at a fraction of the price of the OE manufacturer items. There is a choice of brand names and grades for the friction braking parts like pads, shoes and discs, and complete brake lines are available to order with numerous colour combinations, or you can build your own with WMD's stock of Goodridge Buildaline hose components.

Retail price examples. (All inc VAT):

ROAD: Suzuki SV 650 99-02:
Complete replacement front caliper. OE: £294.26 each. WMD: £144.00 each

Seal replacement kit. (All seals, boots, bleed nipple covers for both front calipers). OE: £69.46. WMD: £50.14

Master cylinder repair kit. OE: £178.94. WMD: £30.54

Brake pads. OE: £31.33 (per caliper). WMD: £9.38 (Kyoto, per caliper)

OFF-ROAD: Yamaha YZ 250 93:
Front Brake Disc. OE: £95.35 each. WMD: £36.00 each.

Front Brake Pads. OE: £31.30 WMD (Kyoto): £10.06.

Front Hose replacement. OE: £241.90. WMD (Hel): £29.62.

TRAIL: Suzuki DR400 79-83:
Brake shoes. OE: £32.77. WMD: £12.20

Brake light switch: OE: £14.00. WMD: £6.00

Brake Lever: OE: £10.58. WMD: £6.00

SCOOTER: Honda SH 125
Brake pads: OE: £18.91. WMD (SOK): £8.34.

Piston Seal pair (per piston): OE: £9.40. WMD: £5.26.

Full seal replacement kit for front: OE: £29.74. Wemoto: £17.87.

WMD trade discounts apply.

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