June 2 2011.

Malossi has combined its two most popular Maxi scooter clutch products into a single kit. This allows the customer to make some excellent price savings, compared to buying the products individually.

The Maxi Fly clutches have been designed and constructed to adapt perfectly on a standard machine and guarantee performance from the unit. The clutches are supplied pre-calibrated to the machine following exhaustive testing on accelerometer benches. The Maxi Fly clutch makes an excellent replacement unit, both on cost and reliability.

The Malossi Clutch Bell is a perfect companion to the fly clutch, forged from a special grade of steel with a carbon steel centre. The assembly is then machined and balanced to provide excellent performance. Combining these two items give owners the very best in clutch performance on the scooter.

Malossi scooter performance products are exclusively imported by Factory Appointed Sole UK Distributor - VE (UK), ensuring those who purchase that they are buying a factory supplied part with a full UK warranty. So when it comes to tuning, Malossi are at the top of the list for quality, performance, and reliability. 

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