June 7 2011.

Wheel bearing wear can often be detected by a change in the handling characteristics, becoming vague and sometimes unpredictable over an uneven road surface, much like an underinflated tyre. Left unattended the bearing can quickly deteriorate, resulting in a collapsed or seized bearing, which in itself will pretty much render the bike unrideable. Once this has happened, any other bearings on the same spindle will have undoubtedly become damaged as well. For this reason it is highly recommended to change all wheel bearings and seals at the first signs of wear.

All Balls wheel bearing kits are far less expensive than the equivalent original equipment bearings and seals, and all the bearings and seals required are provided in each All Balls kit, including the sprocket carrier bearing, (where fitted), on rear wheel kits.

On applications that require seals, the All Balls kit includes double-lipped seals to keep out dirt or water - ideal for the traditional British summer!

All Balls precision high-speed bearings are manufactured to ABEC 3 standards and are finished with rust and oxidation inhibiting compounds to reduce corrosion.

The RRPs for All Balls wheel bearing kits range from £7.14 to £38.99 including VAT.

Price examples:
BMW F650 GS - Front (5pcs): £7.14
Suzuki GSF 600 Bandit - Front (4pcs): £11.50
Honda CBR 900 Fireblade - Front(4pcs): £12.50
Kawasaki Z1000 - Rear(4 pcs): £15.83
Yamaha YZF R1 - Rear(6pcs): £38.99

Available off the shelf at WMD, the exclusive UK supplier for All Balls (USA) on-road wheel bearing kits.

WMD trade discounts apply.

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