June 13 2011.

Goop provides prevention that's better than cure and could save riders a very boring wait, a very long walk or a very painful call-out fee, when a puncture hits in the middle of nowhere.

Goop offers total peace of mind from a starting SRP of just £6.50:

- Simple installation via the valve, through-life effectiveness and repairs as many punctures as occur

- Seals holes up to ¼' in diameter through the escaping air pressure immediately forcing Goop into the punctured area, creating a strong, airtight seal

- Water-based and non-toxic composition means no harm will come to the rim of your wheel or the tyre

- When the tyre eventually needs to be replaced, Goop can simply be rinsed away, leaving no sticky residue

- Goop will not freeze and remains entirely stable and effective in very hot temperatures and during sustained riding

- Available in four size options - 500ml bottle, 250ml bottle, 25ltr drum & 220ltr drum - A dispenser pump option is also available for use with both drums.

You can learn more about Goop by visiting: www.feridax.com  or call 01384 413841 or email: info@feridax.com