June 14 2011.

Scorpion Exhausts has for many years enjoyed a reputation for product refinement, performance delivery and unrivalled quality, born out of a philosophy of continuous engineering development. Now with an evocative new brand positioning, website - www.scorpion-exhausts.com - and iconic new products, Scorpion is turning up the heat on the competition.

'Red Power' is the emotive new brand positioning which, together with an updated Scorpion stinger/claw icon, is intended to represent the superiority, accuracy, raw power, and performance potential of all Scorpion products and everything the brand offers. It's all about how Scorpion exhausts make riders feel and how the useable performance and sound is delivered.

The updated positioning builds on a motor-sports heritage, with a history of leading design and quality in addition to a hard earned reputation for traditional engineering excellence. However, it is about much more than simply updating a logo and a website.

The most important part of the rebranding is the way it has been fully incorporated into the performance exhausts themselves. The first official 'Red Power' exhaust featured in Scorpion's flagship off-road and race systems is a road-legal titanium/carbon graphite GP system. The unique 'Red Power' inlay tip, is clearly identifiable, even at speed.

Many of the world's most expensive exhaust brands are outsourced to factories in the Far East and manufactured by people who don't understand the automotive market. Their popularity is the result of expensive sponsorship deals, paid endorsement, media manipulation and huge advertising hype, a business model Scorpion has always staunchly rejected.

Now in its third decade of operation, Scorpion Exhausts is proud to be a British manufacturer and exporter to over 30 countries. Everyone in the company is an automotive enthusiast, sharing a genuine customer focus - customers are even offered the choice to collect their new exhaust in person from the factory where they will see automotive engineering craftsmen at work and skilled technicians checking every product, by hand.

Scorpion exhausts are sold complete with a lifetime guarantee, and so the company expects the sighting of 'Red Power' inlay tips to be a familiar experience for a considerable length of time and says it will reinforce its core emotional product delivery; "Back off, or get Stung!"

For further information call Scorpion Exhausts on 01773-744123 or email: sales@scorpion-exhausts.com