June 17 2011.

The Devil GP Replica stands apart from the crowd. Where everyone and their dog is going for short, fat and stumpy cans, Devil's 'full megaphone' GP style design in sleek stainless steel means it's both compact enough to give substantial weight savings, yet looks like it fits the bike instead of looking like it has shrunk in the wash.

Of course no performance exhaust comes without a thundering voice and the Devil doesn't disappoint. The removable baffle allows the big BM to breath freely and let loose that deep, rumbling sound that Devil is so well known for.

Devil cans are engineered to give increased performance even at the bike's stock settings, although modifications such as performance filters and adjusting the air intake can produce even greater improvements in power and torque. With gains of 2.9 horsepower the S1000RR Devil GP Replica beats the market-leading aftermarket slip-on road-use can for out of the box power improvement, and retailing at just £425.25 including VAT, it beats the price too. This street-use can comes with a one year manufacturer warranty and everything needed to fit it to the stock downpipes comes in the box.

The GP replica is E-marked for road use and constructed from the finest high-performance stainless steel and CNC machined rings.

Devil's reputation as a performance exhaust manufacturer and championship winning race team supplier comes from over 40 years of experience making exhausts and silencers in France. Every can and exhaust is expertly designed and manufactured to shave away all excess weight while providing a stylish exhaust that boosts performance even on stock settings.

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