June 24 2011.

Air boxes aren't frequently replaced parts, which makes them unattractive to OE parts stockists and aftermarket manufacturers alike. Even if they are available, they can be hellishly expensive!

Conical air filters from WMD are a cost-effective and convenient solution. These filters clamp straight on to the carburettor and remove the need for an air box completely. Priced from just £7.20 each, they can be less expensive than replacing the air box itself, as well as being a cosmetic preference for some. What's more, these air filters are washable and can be removed, washed, re-oiled and re-fitted instead of buying a replacement standard filter every time.

The shape of a conical air filter can increase air flow in some cases, and can be used to increase performance on a modified motorcycle or scooter. In most cases the carburettor jets will need to be adjusted for any increased air intake.

Conical air filters are sold individually and retail from just £7.20 including VAT. Diameters range from 28mm to 60mm.

Popular filters:
Honda NS 125: £11.34
Honda Bros 400/650: £11.94
Suzuki GSX 750: £12.18

As each size of conical filter can fit many models, it's well worth keeping a few in stock.

WMD trade discounts apply.

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