June 28 2011.

R&G Racing has introduced Half Kits on its most popular lines of crash protection products.

The world's number one manufacturer of motorcycle crash protection forever listens to the wants of its customers, which, coupled with its own research, has revealed the majority of damage inflicted on a bike is usually on one side of the machine and thus not requiring a replacement pair.

R&G's industry-leading Aero Crash Protectors, as well as its Fork Protectors, Cotton Reels and Bar End Sliders, can now be purchased individually from dealers so that riders don't need to incur any unnecessary and additional costs when getting a machine back on its rubber feet.

All of these protectors are made from high-density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is developed to wear and not shatter. R&G also utilise a particular grade of steel bolt to help absorb an impact by bending, rather than snap or twist its mounting point.

R&G's Sales Director, Simon Hughes, explains this consumer-focused move: 'R&G's protectors are designed to protect a bike and save the user money. But in doing this primary task they're sometimes damaged beyond further use. With the Half Kits, R&G want to make sure riders don't refrain from re-fitting a replacement or pay more than is necessary in order to protect their bike again.'

R&G Racing is the only crash protection provider to be recognised for discounts by insurance companies. For more information on its products, visit www.rg-racing.com  

R&G Racing Half Kits (each):

- Aero Crash Protectors: £31.31 - £36.52

- Bar End Sliders: £12.77

- Cotton Reels: £12.77

- Fork Protectors: £15.50