June 29 2011.

Here's one to look out for on the newsstand from June: issue 10 of Enduro Extreme magazine. Take a good look at the image because it's an all-new look for the quarterly publication, starting this issue. The guys at CJ Publishing explained they've been back to the drawing board with Enduro Extreme. They've summarised it as: 'New editor. New content. New look.'

The new editor is Jon Bentman, he's a professional journalist, being the original editor of MotoX and you'll probably have also seen his work published regularly in Moto and TBM, among many other titles.

The magazine remains in a sense exactly as it was: 100% enduro," explains 'JB'. "After that, it's now nothing like it was. It's not a monthly, so reporting on race events and testing bikes in the traditional sense isn't going to sell it. Instead we've taken a fresh look at the sport. We're digging deeper for our stories, we're pushing harder to present the best images and we're going that extra mile to make the design and presentation tip-top. We're not looking to compete with the other dirt bike magazines, we're looking to bring something entirely new. Enduro Extreme is a whole new celebration of our brilliant sport. We think you're going to like it!"