April 19 2006.

British bikers can now benefit from a revolutionary American product that will alert them if their helmet has been damaged in an accident; whether a crash on track or a tumble from a shelf. The Shok-SpotR is an inexpensive device that mounts on the outside of most popular motorcycle helmets and warns the user of possible impact damage to his or her helmet.
Helmet manufacturers warn users that a helmet is good for one impact, and one impact only. After that, the helmet's shell and impact-absorbing liner may be compromised. A visual examination will not always reveal helmet damage, which can occur either in a crash or during general abusive treatment. For these reasons, helmet manufacturers instruct users to either return the helmet to the factory for inspection, or discard the
helmet, if it has seen a significant impact.
In America the Government requires helmet manufacturers to affix the following label: `If helmet experiences a severe blow, return it to the manufacturer for inspection, or destroy it and replace it.''
The patent-pending Shok-SpotR utilizes a highly reliable method of shock detection. Once the sensor turns red, indicating a severe impact, it cannot be reset. The acceleration level required to "trip" Shok-SpotR has been carefully selected through extensive helmet testing.
Parents will appreciate the Shok-SpotR since it's not always easy to keep track of how their kid's helmets have been treated, on or off the track.
The Shok-SpotR is available in black, chrome, grey and blue at the introductory price of £19.99.

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