July 7 2011.

Spada Clothing is fast establishing itself as the go-to brand for a full range of great looking, yet affordable motorcycling gear, and to ensure that this trajectory continues, the 'Must Try Spada' campaign was launched in April of this year.

Supported by very little advertising and largely based on word-of-mouth and a great web presence, more than 600 real British riders have already now applied to become a Spada Test Crew Rider.

But time is running out, with a deadline of 1st August looming, anyone who wants to get involved should visit www.spadaclothing.co.uk/testcrew now, to learn more and apply online.

Because the Spada brand is all about the great lifestyle that motorcycling offers, the campaign is about involving real riders in making the range as good as it possibly can be, both now and in the future.

It is also a great opportunity for passionate riders to receive free Spada equipment before flexing their writing and reviewing skills,in delivering 100% honest reviews that will be used in two main ways:

- Establishing what is good about the range and areas that might improved upon in the future.
- Help in the design and conception of future products with the features that riders really want.

Because the Test Crew Riders will submit reviews of the products, Spada will also be publishing the reports in various channels from print to web and beyond and using them for forthcoming marketing materials

"We launched the 'Must try Spada' campaign for a number of reasons, not least to help us develop the next-generation of our products based on what real riders really want," commented Mark Ingleby, marketing manager of Spada Clothing. "In addition, we are looking for the real and honest opinions of the people who really matter, our customers. Those opinions will become the powerful, independent 'citizen journalism' of the Spada Test Crew Riders, who we will be appointing. As a result of this process the web and the social aspect of the medium has allowed us to open up this possibility to everyone."

The final deadline for applications to become a Spada Test Crew Rider is 1st August, so anyone interested should visit the Spada website now - here's a reminder of why:

- See your reviews published in a range of media channels and help Spada to shape the future of Spada Clothing.

- Receive and keep the various pieces of Spada gear that you review. 

- Become part of a close-knit gang of real riders and make your opinion really count.

- Further rewards for top reviewers, with the chance to win hundreds of pounds worth of extra Spada clothing and equipment.

Apply to become a Spada Test Crew Rider online now, by visiting www.spadaclothing.co.uk