July 21 2011.

Free Cotton Reels and reduced price of new Triumph Tiger 800 Hugger

R&G Racing, the world leader in motorcycle crash protection, has released a revised version of its Hugger for the Triumph Tiger 800.

The Hugger, made from polypropylene (the same material used on R&G's tough Engine Case Covers) bolts on to the swingarm to help protect the underside of the machine and rear shock absorber from dirt and debris. The R&G Tiger 800 Hugger is extremely simple to fit; requiring no specialist tools or ability and including any bolts needed.

The original fitment was recalled quickly by R&G after it discovered a manufacturing defect. With this issue resolved and thanks to the new material and increased efficiency in production of the new Hugger, the cost of the product has been reduced by £20 to £129.99.

The British company is also offering further reward for customers waiting for its return availability with a free set of its Cotton Reels - worth £25.49 - with every Tiger 800 Hugger purchase.

Cotton Reels are one of R&G's most popular products over the past 12 years; combining protection of the expensive swingarm with the practical benefit of allowing the use of 'prong type' paddock stands for maintenance.

R&G Racing offers a brace of its award-winning protective products for the new Triumph Tiger 800/800XC.

For more information visit www.rg-racing.com