July 26 2011.

Vespas are the life blood of VE (UK), and as the country's largest specialist scooter wholesaler VE has the widest selection of Vespa spares that it continues to build on year in, year out. Through ongoing work with suppliers, VE offers continued supply of these great classic Vespa parts.

For the older classic Vespa machines, VE has introduced a range of previously hard to locate brake, engine, steering and cooling items. These new parts are an important addition to the range of classic Vespa spares that VE (UK) stock, ensuring that early classic Vespas can continue to be admired on the road.

VE21022 Selector Box Bearing VNA,VNB,VBA, VBB
VE22075 Front Brake Cam With Loose Arm Rally, Sprint, GL, GS150
VE22077 Steering Race Set (races only) VNB, VBB
VE22078 Front Brake Cam With Fixed Arm Super, VNB, VBB
VE26091 Bolt On Cooling Fan GL, Super, Sprint, VBA, VBB
VE22076 Front Brake Cable Clamp Suitable for Vespa's with cable front brake
VE23009 Small Air Filter 150 Super, Sprint 

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