July 28 2011.

WMD is the new UK distributor for the ultra-high quality Melvin braided control hoses.

Melvin is a German based company specialising in producing the highest quality hydraulic control hoses to the top European and American test standards. A test certificate is included with every hose and every single custom made hose is pressure tested and inspected after assembly to ensure it meets TÜV homologation and American FMVSS 106 standards.

What makes Melvin hoses unique isn't just the high quality of the stainless steel braided lines, or the high grade, anodised, solid aluminium fittings, which are less prone to cracking than steel. The unique advantage of Melvin's technology is the plastic nut which allows adjustment to be made to the banjo fitting, without twisting the seals or the line itself. This feature ensures that the hose is always fitted correctly, without any twisting or tension that can reduce the effective life of the hose. The robust and flexible braided steel lines are available with either a transparent or coloured rubber cover, which protects any paintwork on the bike from being scratched or scuffed by the steel.

Hoses are individually ordered to the customer's request to any combination of available colours, and, if requested, to a custom length. This makes any difficulty in finding a green hose with violet fittings for high bars a thing of the past, although carbon fibre and black are the most popular choices.

From early 70s classics to all the latest 2012 models, including grey imports, Melvin hoses are available for the vaste majority of Japanese and European models, as well as Triumph and Harley-Davidson.

Recommended retail prices start at £27.06.

Price examples:
Honda CBR 125 front: £27.06 (Single Line)
Yamaha XJR 1300 rear: £29.46 (Single Line)
Honda VFR 400 front: £58.42 (Twin Line)
BMW F650 front: £60.00 (Twin Line)
Triumph Speed Triple front: £81.85 (3 Line)

WMD trade discounts apply.

Tel: 01273 595746.