August 9 2011.

When the going gets tough, the tough get recruiting...at least Feridax do!

Feridax has created two brand new positions in its warehousing and logistics operation at the Halesowen Head Office, bucking an industry trend where the broader industry is stalling and facing slow growth. These new appointments aim to further underpin Ferdax's passion as a leading pure wholesaler, and ensure that its dealers receive the stock and support they need - when they need it, so helping them to drive their own businesses forward.

Feridax continues to develop its portfolio in accordance with the long-term philosophy of the business - that is that both world class brands and high quality products should be readily available to all UK bikers and across all price points.

Feridax has not only survived the recession, but is actually continuing to expand and grow market share, in no small part due to an unswerving commitment to the highest service standards, the optimal product portfolio and a belief in creating employment for passionate team members who share their values. The company now services more than 1,000 dealers across the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands, and the new appointments will help to ensure that the high standards that have been set in terms of swift delivery and high 'pick rates' are maintained and, ultimately, improved upon. 

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