May 4 2006.

Venhill has re-designed its Powerhose workshop kits to offer dealers a choice between bespoke and modular brake lines. Both are neatly packaged in robust cases that contain all of the necessary parts and fittings for a professional job. 
The basic Powerhose kit contains 10 metres of braided steel hose, together with a selection of banjo bolts, hose ends, connectors and copper washers.  Venhill has thoughtfully included 3m of clear hose cover and a pair of parrot nose pliers too.
The Powerhose Plus option contains 30 modular braided lines in popular lengths from 150mm - 725mm. Every hose is made and tested in the company's Dorking factory to surpass 110 bar (1500 psi).  Also included is a tray case containing a selection of regularly requested fittings.
Both kits are designed to take up a minimal amount of space and offer dealers a flexible opportunity to profit from replacing exhausted rubber hoses without the need to stock model-specific kits.
Vehill is currently giving away a free 250ml bottle of DOT4 brake fluid with every kit ordered, while stocks last.

For full pricing information contact:
Venhill Engineering
Tel: 01306 885111