August 15 2011.

New from Mike Pearce & Sons the range of chargers from Battery Controller. A smart solution for all 12V batteries.

The BC Smart battery charger is ideal to recover, charge, desulfate and maintain all 12v motorcycle, moped and car batteries. The device is designed to stay connected to the battery, with no risks and no need to remove the battery from the vehicle, guaranteeing a complete charge and a long-term maintenance, even for months, when the car or the motorcycle is left unused.

BC Smart is available in two different versions, with a maximum output current of 0.9 Amps (for motorcycle batteries) or 1.5 Amps (more versatile, for both motorcycle and car batteries).

A LED bar indicates the charging cycle executed, any occurring anomaly and the battery state of charge in real time, according to the number of lit up LEDs (50%, 65%, 80%, 100%).

BC Smart doesn't produce any sparks and it is protected against short circuit, polarity reversion, overcharge and overheating. The packaging includes a waterproof battery cable with eyelets, which can remain always installed on the battery, and a battery cable with insulated clamps. The warranty is extended to 3 years.

Prices start at £39.95 retail including VAT for the BCSmart 900.

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