August 24 2011.

WMD now stock the range of quality Motobatt batteries. The Motobatt design utilises a unique Absorbed Glass Mat Technology which produces up to 20% more Cold Cranking Amps than most conventional design batteries, to provide more reliable starting.

The science behind the Motobatt battery is in the Absorbed Glass Mat Technology, which was originally developed for military aircraft. The lead plates are wrapped in glass wool matting which serves to cushion the plates against vibration, which can cause damage. The acid is absorbed into the glass wool, which prevents sulphated lead particles from travelling freely and causing shorting between plates, as they would in a conventional wet-flooded design battery. Not only does this make the Motobatt design more robust and reduce the discharge rate, it also means the battery is resistant to sulphation and recoverable from discharge where a normal battery would fail.

A Motobatt battery requires no initial charge and can be fitted to a machine straight from the box. Already sealed, no fiddling with electrolyte is required and it doesn't require topping up either. The Motobatt can also last longer between charges than a conventional battery and can recover from discharge where a conventional battery might fail.

The use of removable spacers and four terminals instead of two mean that one Motobatt battery can cover the applications of multiple conventional batteries, meaning less bulky batteries to take up valuable shelf space.

WMD also supply a range of Motobatt battery chargers to keep the battery in tip-top condition.

Motobatts are available for old and new model motorcycles, scooters and ATVs from all major Japanese manufacturers including Japanese imports, as well as a range of European and some Chinese machines.

Motobatts start at just £28.80 for scooters and lightweights, up to £87.80 for cruisers and touring machines.

Price examples - RRP including VAT:

Honda CG 125: £28.80

Aprilia Mojito: £30.00

Kawasaki ZX10R: £40.64

Suzuki SV650: £54.00

Harley 1584 Softail: £81.55

Trade discounts apply.

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