March27 2008.

Kettenmax is a complete cleaning and lubrication kit from Germany that not only turns a time-consuming and messy job into one hassle-free operation, but can also extend the lifespan of the drive chain by three to four times that of a neglected item.

Manufacturers recommend cleaning and lubricating motorcycle drive chains regularly.
Furthermore owners are advised to avoid using petroleum-based cleaners and wire brushes, which can damage O-rings and seals. As a result many riders don't bother and limit themselves to the occasional squirt of chain lube, effectively reducing the service life of chain and sprockets, due to wear from dirt trapped inside the drive chain.

So Kettenmax developed the Premium Kit, which includes all of the tools and fluids required to complete this routine task quickly and tidily.

The Kettenmax unit contains nylon brushes in a compact plastic case that can be clamped around the chain. A selection of brushes is provided so that users can select the appropriate size for the chain width. Special cleaning fluid, developed by SDOC100, is poured in from above, while the chain is passed through the brushes by rotating the rear wheel. The residue is collected in a drip bag beneath. Once the chain is clean SDOC100 white chain lube can be applied directly onto the chain by spraying into the case, using a special adaptor, thus avoiding contamination of the rear tyre/floor/drive.

Using Kettenmax ensures that the whole chain is cleaned and lubricated, particularly the often neglected side that faces inwards, towards the rear tyre. Other benefits include quieter motion of the chain, smoother gear shifting and a reduction in stretching of the chain in the region of 30%, extending intervals between adjustments.

Priced at £50.00, including cleaner and chain lube, the Kettenmax Premium kit represents a modest investment compared to the price of replacing chain and sprockets*.

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