May 10 2006.
ACF-50 is an 'Active' Anti-Corrosion Formula, which chemically neutralises road salt, prevents new corrosion from forming and kills any existing.  Contains no water, wax, silicon or Teflon - it's special formula pushes out moisture and replaces it with ACF-50 Protection.  We recommend that it is used on electrics for this very reason.  It is also a lubricant and a penetrant and used regularly will help prevent corrosion, increases reliability and helps maintain the value and looks of a bike. 
For a number of years planes and helicopters have been able to receive a complete ACF-50 treatment carried out at one of Worldwide's Aviation Application Centres and Worldwide Aviation UK Ltd is now pleased to announce that this service has now been extended to motorcyclists too.
It gives owners the opportunity to bring their bike to one of the Application Centres and have the bike fully ACF-50 treated using specialist equipment.  This means the ACF-50 is applied in a fine fog and the special application heads will reach all areas of the bike, including the ones that may prove inaccessible to an individual applying themselves, not to mention the time involved in trying!  There is no disturbance to panels etc. during the process. 
Owners who opt for this treatment would still need to ensure that they regularly top up the more exposed areas of the bike with ACF-50.
Prices vary according to different options - such as Application and Full Polish.  The one stipulation is that the bike does need to be clean and dry for the application - some centres will perform this as part of the service.
Current Application Centres are as follows:
Bridge Road Motorcycles, Liverpool, Tel: 0151 924 2369
DRS, Hull, Tel: 01482 646188
F2 Motorcycles, Banbury, Tel: 01295 712900
Mayors Motorcycles, Southampton, Tel: 02380 668877
Trev's Motorcycles, Guernsey, Tel: 01481 246463
Further information can be obtained by accessing  or telephone: 01202 536410
Worldwide would also like to hear from other Motorcycle Centres who may be interested in offering this service to their customers or stocking ACF-50.  Contact Niki on 01202 536410 for further details.