April 12 2011.

Many wholesalers stock brake pads, but the essential pins and clips required to fit them can be much harder to find. Owners will often keep a spare set of pads, but if the pins or clips are broken or worn, the original equipment parts can be painfully expensive to replace.

WMD now stock quality replacement brake pad pins and clips to fit a wide range of of Japanese models, often at a fraction of the price of the original equipment parts. Models covered range from the late 1970s through to present-day models, and from learner legal, through sports and trail, to giant cruisers, including a large number of imports.

For many models the pins and clips are available as a convenient, low-cost set, and often one set can fit many models which makes them excellent parts to keep on the shelf.

Retail Price examples (including VAT):

Honda XL 125 Front (1 pin) - WMD: £2.70. Original Equipment: £7.63.

Kawasaki ZX6R Front (1 pin, 1 R-clip) - WMD: £1.99. Original Equipment: £4.56.

Suzuki GSF 600 Bandit Rear (2 pins, 1 clip) - WMD: £4.99. Original Equipment: £22.17.

Yamaha VMX 1200 V-Max Front/Rear: (2 pins, 2 R-clips). WMD: £8.99. Original Equipment: £19.12.

Of course, Wemoto stock a wide range of replacement brake pads as well.

WMD trade discounts apply.

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