September 13 2011.

HIT-Air has introduced a new hi-viz version of its popular motorcycle air vest. The all new MLV-Y vest inflates in just a quarter of a second - faster than the blink of an eye.

When inflated, the MLV-Y protects the neck, spine, hips, rib cage and vital organs. It offers unprecedented shock absorption in the event of a spill.

The CE approved vest is inflated by a 60cc CO2 cartridge, which is neatly enclosed within the vest. The vest is activated by a lanyard which is attached to the motorcycle. If the lanyard is pulled by 35kgs of force, the vest will rapidly inflate ready for impact.

After inflation, the vest can be deflated, re-packed and re-used.

The MLV-Y is also available in black (MLV) or Lumidex reflex (MLV-R) material.

The vests fit a wide range of sizes and can be tapered to each individual user.

The HIT-Air MLV-Y retails at £395.00, including canister and lanyard. Replacement canisters are available for just £19.99.

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