September 14 2011.

Specialist workshop tools and parts can be difficult to source, especially at sensible prices.

WMD actively sources parts from a wide range of suppliers in order to provide the widest range of specialist workshop tools, consumables and information sources possible, from standard workshop equipment and spares, through to tools for specific models and applications.

Recent additions to the WMD range of specialist tools include the universal fork seal driver pictured here. This invaluable tool, which comes in a handy, robust case, is adjustable for fork tubes from 26mm to 45mm diameter, and allows easy and precise installation of fork oil seals without risking damage to the seals.

The WMD workshop parts list includes essential materials no self-respecting workshop should be without, such as Loctite, ACF-50, WD40, hand cleaner, oil spill absorbent granules, nuts, bolts, screws, parts trays, training DVDs and general workshop manuals.

For a full listing of tools, parts and supplies contact:
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