September 21 2011.

The Michelin Pilot Road 3 sport touring motorcycle tyre has been named as Motor Cycle News Product of the Year 2011, in the tyre category.

The Pilot Road 3 was developed in-line with Michelin's strategy regarding innovation and was principally aimed at ensuring enhanced safety for motorcyclists.

To this end, grip in wet and dry conditions plays a major role as the tyre is the sole point of contact between a motorcycle and the road. In addition to marking a real breakthrough with regard to enhanced grip and safety, the overall package provided by the Pilot Road 3 is equally uncompromising when it comes to ensuring long tyre life and the consistent delivery of performance over time.

This performance combination is made possible by two major breakthroughs:

The first of these is the incorporation of Michelin XST (X Sipe Technology) into the tread pattern. Michelin XST is based on a combination of sipes and "wells" which enable the tyre to cut through the film of water and increase its water clearance capacity to obtain a level of grip similar to that of a dry road.

The second is the use of the latest-generation Michelin 2CT (Two-Compound Technology) which uses a more durable tread compound in the centre of the tread area to resist wear and softer tread rubber on the shoulders for improved grip in corners.

Since its launch, magazine testers' comments have included following:

'The best yet, by miles. More confidence and outright grip. I could confidently drag my knee through inch-deep puddles every lap. It was alarming at first, as I've only found this level of wet weather grip before with wets and without the movement you get from the blocks on a racing wet. These are the best road tyres I have used in the wet. They tick every box.'