May 19 2006.

The Madass 125 will be available to dealers in June.  Based on the original groundbreaking Madass 50, only 150% madder, the 125cc version is like no other motorcycle. 
Designed and manufactured by Sachs of Germany,  the Madass 125 shares the minimalist philosophy of its smaller sibling.  Fuel is carried in the frame, so a bulky fuel tank is not required and the twin seat sits on a single tube running from the bike's spine, so no rear sub frame is required.  The result is an incredibly light machine, weighing just 95kg, which is substantially lighter than similar capacity motorcycles.
As you would expect from a German company that has been in business since the 19th century, there is no compromise when it comes to quality components.  Reliable stopping power is delivered by a 260mm front hydraulic disc brake, backed up by a 215mm hydraulic unit at the rear. The beefy rear mono-shock absorber has hydraulic damping and adjustable pre-load, so suspension can be tailored to suit the rider. Twin stacked headlights provide plenty of illumination as well as giving the front end an aggressive 'streetfghter' appearance. Power is provided by a reliable 4-stroke engine, which can be started at the push of a button.  A cool oval silencer, fitted with a catalytic converter, takes care of emissions.
Sachs is confident that the Madass 125 will be a hit with riders who understand that some bikes take themselves too seriously. The Madass 125 can be ridden by anyone aged 17 or over and will initially be available in yellow, selling for just ¬£1,499 on the road.
Sachs motorcycles offer a very competitive insurance scheme through long term insurance partner MCE.

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