May 4 2012.

The WMD range of quality aftermarket control levers continues to expand with new additions from original equipment supplier Vicma. The quality non-adjustable levers start from just £3.76 and adjustables from a mere £13.20, so why splash out two or three times the money for original equipment levers?

Silver and black finishes are available in many patterns, along with adjustable options for a more comfortable reach and operation to help reduce muscle fatigue, especially in the approaching cold months.

The wide range of fitments includes road, off-road, scooters and mopeds, from the 70s right through to the most recent models from the major manufacturers and quite a few smaller ones as well!

Price examples - RRP including VAT:

Yamaha PW 50:
Front Brake Lever. WMD: £6.00. Original Equipment: £9.50.
Rear Brake Lever. WMD: £3.76. Original Equipment: £9.50.

Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom:
Brake Lever (adjustable). WMD: £16.25. Original Equipment: £33.67.
Clutch Lever (adjustable). WMD: £13.20. Original Equipment: £34.10.

Honda CRF 250:
Brake Lever. WMD: £10.96. Original Equipment: £25.76.
Clutch Lever. WMD: £7.00. Original Equipment: £16.84.

Trade discounts apply.

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