May 23 2006.

The Arlen Ness Big Shot offers no splicing, just plug and play installation making this the easiest way to tune the fuel injection on your motorcycle.  Tuning is so easy it does not require a dyno or even a laptop computer!  Simply press a few buttons and you're ready to go.  Modules are sold with the pre-loaded base maps for specific models that can be fine tuned for your individual bike.
The Big Shot utilizes the latest load-based technology in fuel injection performance.  By sensing the load on the engine in any riding situation, the Big Shot can provide the optimum amount of fuel to the engine, simple but perfect!
With the ability to adjust to your riding style, the Big Shot can provide you with the reliability, drivability and performance like you have never experienced before.  No bigger than a credit card, this trick little fuel injection tuner can be purchased through Battistinis. 

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