October 5 2011.

USA company evolve motorcycles is set to premiere its two-wheeled 100% electric vehicles later this year. The company, founded by Benjamin Plum and Lex Kendall, saw the need for a stylish, sustainable and affordable solution to urban transportation. The result was evolve electric motorcycles.

The launch will feature three models: titanium, neon and helium as well as a preview of two of its upcoming designs. The bikes are claimed to be capable of speeds up to 60 mph and offer the highest battery ranges in the industry.

evolve motorcycles feature the latest electrical and charging technologies, sleek design, an active social media community, 24/7 roadside assistance, and competitive pricing - the top of the line model is priced at about 50% of  the cost of competitors in the USA, starting from around $3000. 

All models use lithium ion battery technology for easy charging (the same technology that powers your cell phone) and feature an ultra-efficient battery management system to take the worry out of operating and maintaining the electrical components.

For more information visit: www.evolvemotorcycles.com