May 26 2006.
Instant Insurance Cover For Your Customers -  and it's FREE
Bikesure has extended its dealer support package with the launch of Ride-Away, a remarkable new insurance concept that means you can help your customers get instant insurance for their new bike, trike or quad, any time day or night.  Ride-Away does what it says: it allows the customer to buy a bike and ride away.  Right away. 
"The new policy is the latest addition to the Bikesure Dealer Support Programme", says Bikesure's Robert Balls.  "It directly answers the problem of the time-lag between agreeing the sale and finalising it.  We spoke to many dealers, and it's clear that instant insurance is an issue that can make or break the sale.   After listening carefully we developed the Ride-Away concept and negotiated the new policy with our underwriters.  We believe the scheme provides the ideal solution."   
Ride-Away gives seven days comprehensive cover and is available for all sorts of motorbikes, from a scooter to a Harley or a Rocket, as well as for all road-legal trikes and quads. 
Best of all, the Ride-Away policy is free: free to the customer and free to the dealer. 
"Our Ride-Away policy is great for both customers and dealers," says Robert Balls.  "For customers it cuts out any panic last minute ringing around trying to get insurance sorted, then waiting for a certificate, before finally picking up the bike.
"For dealers it's a great service to be able to offer customers and, of course, it speeds up the sale process.  Getting rid of the insurance time lag can be vital - there's always the possibility that buyers will change their minds while they are off arranging it. This will also help dealers out of a possibly sticky situation where the client has forgotten or just not had time to arrange the necessary cover."
Dealers can start offering Ride-Away to their customers as soon as they have registered for the scheme.  Once the deal is struck, and while still at the dealers, the bike buyer simply logs onto the Ride-Away website, (www.7dayinsurance.co.uk) and fills in their details. They'll then get seven days fully comprehensive cover, free of charge, issued immediately and automatically, 24 hours a day and seven day a week. 
Not only is the cover free, there's also no obligation to take out a policy with Bikesure at the end of the seven days.  "The main purpose of the exercise is to support our dealers.  It's a major commitment reflecting how important our dealer network is for us," says Robert Balls.  "We're hoping enough bikers will decide to stick with Bikesure to help fund the scheme." 
There are some restrictions on the policy.  For example, customers should have no more than two minor motoring convictions in the past five years (codes CU, MW, PC, SP or TS only).  Also the buyer can't have been banned or under suspension from driving during the past five years and must not have made more than one fault or theft insurance claim in the past three years. Possible additional restrictions, depending on the line of business of the customer, show up clearly when completing the on-line application.
"For the vast majority of customers the restrictions will not be an issue," says Robert Balls. 
Bikesure's Dealer Support Package offers a comprehensive and fast service to dealers trying to help customers get insured, including a dedicated dealer hotline and introducer fees of ¬£30 per policy.   
Bikesure has a huge range of specialist policies for the motorcycle enthusiast, including schemes for trikes and quads. 
For details of the dealer support service call Bikesure on 0845 367 9000, email the company at bikesure@adrianflux.co.uk or visit www.bikesure.co.uk