May 26 2006.

Available in the UK now is a brand new EEC-approved Yoshimura GP-Force under seat end can for the Kawasaki ZX-6R 2005 - 2006 model.
The Yoshimura GP-Force design has an easily removable baffle, which means the fully road-silenced can doubles as a full-specification and free-breathing race can. Making it perfect for riders who want the performance benefits of a race can, for track day use only, without the need to swap an entire can when the machine is used on the public roads. The baffle is simply replaced in the can for full silencing and road legality. Two sleeve finishes are available - Titanium or Stainless Steel.
Yoshimura has been the name for speed and quality for well over 50 years, and won countless championships along the way. Yoshimura's quest for the winning advantage is unceasing, with every hour spent on the track backed up by over 5000 hours of research and development. Every Yoshimura part, from the smallest to the largest, has been tried, tested and proven to deliver the ultimate performance possible.
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