May 26 2006.

With a name like a WW2 bomb squadron riders will expect the all new Battle Wing BW501 and BW502 to have the tarmac churning performance to match the iconic name. And we're pleased to say riders will not be disappointed...
The Battle Wings have been developed with a specific goal in mind; to meet the needs of the fastest growing motorcycling sector in Europe, Adventure Sport. Riders in the UK are fast catching on to the adventure sports phenomenon and so the need for replacement tyres specific to these multi-tasking machines is growing fast.
Launched alongside the BATTLAX BT002 at the awesome Ascari Race Resort in Spain, journalists and guest riders squeezed every ounce of performance from the new rubber on a variety of different high power machines.
Adam Rous, Bike Tyrestore Business Development and Training Manager, was there. "This was actually my first ever ride on an adventure sport bike and I've got to say they're great fun. Being a 250 rider, I've never really thought about spending more than 40 minutes on a bike due to the pain, but I reckon I could do a biking holiday on one of these bikes. Speed certainly isn't the issue here, but the handling is vastly better than I imagined, no doubt partly due to the tyres. The road was a very daunting and twisty mountain pass and I am pleased to say that the bike, tyres and I loved every second.
The level of comfort and stability from the bike was something I had not experienced before and I now know why this is the biggest growth area of motorcycling. The Battle Wings may look like trail tyres, but they don't feel any different to road tyres. I'm not sure how they deal with wet weather as it didn't rain, but if dry weather grip is anything to go by, I'm sure they will be a popular choice with the adventure sport market"
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