June 2 2006.

Harglo Performance has developed an air-cooled cylinder kit that is designed to convert the popular liquid-cooled KTM SX Pro Junior and Pro Senior models so that they comply with ACU & BSMA 50cc racing regulations.
The automatic class of junior motocross is aimed at 6-8 year-olds and the rules stipulate that bikes must be air-cooled, but post 2001 models of the KTM Pro Junior and Pro Senior are liquid cooled, hence the demand for a conversion kit.  For riders looking to upgrade the entry-level KTM Mini Adventurer, this kit may also be fitted, giving increased performance over the standard air-cooled cylinder.
The transfer ports on the cylinder are similar to those on the high performance LC cylinder of the SX bikes, giving performance comparable to a liquid cooled unit from an air cooled cylinder. The kit contains all of the necessary parts for the conversion, without the need to modify the machine to accept it.  All of the original components can be retained and it is possible to reverse the process should the owner wish to return their machine to standard form.
·         Alloy air cooled cylinder
·         Piston c/w ring, gudion pin & circlips
·         Head & base gasket
·         Cylinder head studs
·         Main jet (specify size or which carburettor fitted)
·         Air cooled cylinder head (if converting an LC engine)
The KTM Auto Racing Air Cooled kit retails for £255.93 inc. VAT. An added bonus is that once the water pump connections are blanked off, the radiators & hoses can be removed, thus saving weight.

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* Re jetting of carburettor is required to gain maximum performance & prevent cylinder damage and Harglo's experienced staff can give technical advice when needed.  For optimum performance, Harglo recommend fitting a 21mm carburettor.  Two types are suitable; the Dell'Orto PHBG21 at £91.65 and the PHGB21 Racing at £99.88.