June 2 2006.
In recent tests VE has obtained almost 1.5bhp increase, by just fitting a Leonelli Ignition System.
All Leonelli ignition units are for Road or Race use and have lighting output. They are  available in either analogue or digital versions. The analogue unit has a fixed advance  and retard system, offering a big improvement over original equipment ignition systems.
Anyone starting with the low cost Analogue unit can upgrade at a nominal cost to a  Digital unit, with the purchase of a Digital CDI unit. This will allow the serious scooterist  or dealer to re-program (re-Map) the CDI unit to suit their exact needs.
The re-programming (re-Mapping) of the Digital CDI unit is done using the Blue Portable  CDI Programmer. This unit stores 20 different pre made ignition maps, but also has room  for a further 20 to be stored. New ignition maps can be created on a PC computer using  Leonelli's software and link cable, which once an ignition map has been created can be passed to the Blue Portable CDI Programmer for storage, and use at a later date.
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