November 8 2011.

Keep your customers' digits toasty this winter with R&G Racing's award-winning Heated Grips (RRP: £39.99 INC VAT).

The R&G Autumn Warmer Promo on Heated Grips commences with immediate effect and the following additional discounts are available to dealers until further notice:

Buy 20 sets qualify for an additional 2.5% discount?

Buy 30 sets qualify for an additional 5.0% discount

Buy 40 sets qualify for an additional 7.5% discount

Buy 50 sets qualify for an additional 10.0% discount

Heated grips add months to your motorcycling season, bringing warmth and comfort to every winter ride and with the redesigned R&G Racing heated grips your hands and fingers can be even warmer this winter

We all know how uncomfortable and painful it can be riding during winter months, with our extremities suffering the worst of the weather. At just 30mph in winter temperatures of just a few degrees Celsius the wind-chill can mean temperatures of around minus 20. If your hands aren't warm when controlling a motorcycle then you're either not able to concentrate or your fingers cannot operate the controls effectively.

Simon Hughes R&G Racing's Sales Director said: "We are all-weather bikers here at R&G Racing, so we know what it feels like riding through the depths of winter. We are confident our updated heated grips give higher temperatures through a rider's glove than ever before, giving the rider even more resilience to winter's bite."

For more information contact R&G Racing on 01420 89007 or visit www.rg-racing.com