November 15 2011.

Pinasco has introduced a new 177cc kit for the Vespa PX 125, named the 177 V.I.T. (Valve Intake Transfer). The new cylinder marks a revolution in classic Vespa tuning with its impressive component choices.

Built around a cast iron cylinder with direct valve intake, the cylinder is ported for performance, no matter what style of riding is being undertaken. This impressive setup utilises a reed block pack produced from aluminium, fitted with carbon fibre petals. Linked to the reed block pack, a new type of carburettor has been included to offer the rider consistent fuelling no matter what demand is placed on the fuel system Thanks to it's integral fuel pump, air locks of the fuel system are eliminated. The major benefit of this style of carburettor is the removal of jets from the equation when setting up the scooter, only two adjustment screws for the regulation of idle speed exist making adjustment simple.

Another important feature of the V.I.T. setup is the ease of changing the scooter back to its standard configuration should the need arise. A special plate is included to remove the necessity of modifying the rotary valve intake system, meaning returning to standard is simply a matter of refitting the original carb and cylinder.

Also new from Pinasco are two new gas flowed cranks, suitable for VNB, VBB, GL, GT, GTR and Sprint models of classic Vespas. Built from high grade materials to Pinasco's exacting standards, the new cranks offer increased gas flow, allowing for advanced inlet timing, increasing performance through increased fuel mixture into combustion chamber.

Pinasco has also been working on its VRH cylinder head range, adding two new fitments for the PX 200. Designed for the 213cc cylinder with standard stroke crank and 225cc cylinder with 60mm crank, both heads feature centre spark plug configuration which produces a more even burn across the combustion chamber with a slight power increase.

VE (UK) have been supplying classic scooter kits from Pinasco for 20 years, and hold excellent stocks of all the popular kits and a full spares backup as well.

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