June 20 2006.
Arai has released details of three new replicas which will be available later this year.
Sete Gibernau, Shinya Nakano and Colin Edwards have all updated their previous designs or colours and are currently using these new replicas in the MotoGP series.
Gibernau's replica will be available in a stunning silver/black/grey version, Nakano's design is updated with more detailing and Edward's current design will be available in a yellow version.
The replicas are all available on Arai's race developed RX7 Corsair.  This state of the art helmet heads the Arai range and uses Arai's Structural Net Composite (SNC) construction of a super-strong layer of specially developed strands that bond to form a mesh, preventing slippage between the fibre layers and ensuring maximum shell rigidity.  With a venting diffuser system which moves 15 litres of air per minute, it is the ultimate choice for the MotoGP racing elite.
The three new replicas will only be available from Arai's Five Star dealer network and are in limited supply.  Expected arrival is September and retail price will be ¬£499.99.
For further details of the Arai UK 2006 range or our Five Star dealer network please contact 01782 569800 or visit