April 23 2011.

WMD now stock a wide selection of variator rollers for popular scooter models.

Automatic scooter variator rollers should be replaced at intervals recommended by the scooter manufacturer, but they may also need to be replaced sooner, if damage, wear, or flat spots become visible. Worn rollers will impact on performance and cause jerky acceleration, which is uncomfortable, inefficient and possibly even dangerous.

Replacing the standard rollers is a quick and easy job in the professional workshop and WMD lists the standard size and weight of roller for each model, as well as a range of replacement springs.

For tuned machines or custom clutches, WMD also offer a full range of rollers by size and weight. Many performance variators take larger rollers than standard, and even without a custom variator, a change of roller weights and variator springs can be installed to improve the overall ride and performance.

Recommended retail prices for a pack of six including VAT:

15 x 12mm 6.5g £6.00
19 x 17mm 7.4g £6.34
20 x 17mm 8.5g £7.20
25 x 14.9mm 20g £8.42

Trade discounts apply.

For details of the full range contact:
Tel: 01273 595746.