June 23 2006.

Q8 Moto RS Extreme is a fully synthetic two-stroke lubricant for air or water-cooled engines running under severe operating conditions and with lean oil/fuel mixtures of around 2%, or as recommended by the manufacturer.
Modern two-stroke engines, particularly those fitted to dirt bikes, require sophisticated lubricants to cope with the high performance power valve systems.  Q8 Moto RS Extreme has been engineered in the Company's extensive Research & Development facility in Rotterdam and is produced in an ISO9001:2000 registered purpose-built plant at Leeds. The result is a two-stroke lubricant that will keep the engine running cleanly with excellent high temperature control. This sophisticated synthetic oil offers reduced exhaust port and system blocking and its low ash formulation reduces piston varnish and combustion chamber deposits. This also leads to a reduction in the risk of spark plug fouling, pre-ignition tendency and the potential for piston ring sticking.  Q8 Moto RS Extreme also has outstanding low temperature fluidity, so it performs and protects from the moment the engine is started.
Q8 MOTO RS Extreme is suitable for use with leaded or lead-free petrol, with prices starting at £7.69 inc. VAT per litre (£29.25 for 4L size).

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